Tuesday, 31 May 2011

malam ini

tonight i'm alone with the kids. babah depa outstation kat johor for few days, so tinggallah kami. however, we used to it, dah selalu my hubby outstation due to their computer program. he's the programmer, thus he need to travel a lot to assist their clients and giving training for those clients. perlis, penang, kl, selangor, johor, kelantan... merata la dia kena travel. but its ok, dah camtu karier nya, what to do kan..

well actually, mia is already asleep, while kiki still watching Barnyard in the bedroom. i'm at the kitchen waiting for my 'assistant' finish washing the clothes. hehe... quite hot tonite, aircond pun cam tak rasa wpun dah set paling sejuk dah. global warming, sangat serius!

ermmm.. well... i dont know what else to say tonight. got no 'hot' idea. mungkin sbb dah ngantuk but have to stay awake sbb nak cuci baju and tidy up the messes in this house. cam banyak keja but still have to to write in this blog =D

well guys, i think thats it. enjoy ur day, good nite and have a sweet dream uols! SELAMAT MALAM =)

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

is going to Malacca n Negri again...

i'm going to malacca and negri again tomorow - sending my lil sister for her second semester at Uitm. My parents will also be coming with us. as usual will be staying at my sis house. maybe this is our last stay at her house in kemuning cos she's going to move soon (she bought a really big double storey house @ seremban.. got lots of money, not like me.. huhuuuu).

inshaAllah we'll depart at early morning cos we'll only stay there for three days cos ill be seating my final paper on sunday. gosh, still need to study all the stuffs. got no time la.. huhuuuu..

dont have much to talk about as i'm quite bz actually, just trying to post something so that this blog will not in 'sleep mode'. hehe.. Thus, enough for now.. see ya!

Friday, 20 May 2011

MMZ is officially 1-yr-old =)

i've not post for quite some time due to my 'busyness' with all those bla-blu-ble-bluwek stuffs... huhuuuu
was crazily busy and i only manage to layan my FB account since i have too! coz all the infos (regarding my job la..) were in there!

well, my lill dotta - Maryam Mia Zahra Harith is now officially 1-yr-old. she was born on May 18, 2010 @ hospital sultanah bahiyah, a.setar. we did a very simple kenduri to celebrate her 1st bithday @ our residence at tengku maheran. few menus and only close friends and family were invited. the party was planned a day before it took place, thus we dont have enough time to prepare for big party. but alhamdulillah, it was a great party and everybody had enjoyed those very delicious menus prepared by caterer + special dish (pulut and rendang) prepared by my mom n mom-in-law.

me n hubby were quite busy with our carier and responsibilities, so thats why we do not have proper date for the party. (the party was held on May, 17) when my boss inform me that i can have off day on may 17 (i was informed on may 16, morning..), i called my hubby and we've decide, yeah why not we just held the party on that day. so everything was done in a very cat n dog style.. hahaaa...

so here some of the piccas taken on that day, and i thanks all the family n friends who came to share our joys n happiness in conjunction with our beloved dotta 1st birthday =)

pulut kuning cake specially designed by myself =)

MMZ was ready for her party!

MMZ's friends

ZZzzzz... what a hectic day =)

MMZ was so exciting to cut the pulut =D