Thursday, 31 March 2011

i just love challenges...

recently, aku masuk pertandingan menembak kat lapang sasar ipd kubang pasu. hell i love it! mmg best sangat dapat pegang glock 9 mm (semi-auto pistol). sebelum nih dok pegang marker (senapang olok-olok) paintball pun dah teruja gila, nih plak dpt pegang the real one - which absolutely have the capability to kill!

agak merbahaya tapi, i just love challenges! mmg suka dapat mencuba benda baru yg mencabaq camtu. there were 8 of us from media team and i'm the third best shooter among others. hahaaaa... hope dat i'll have chance to do it again. mmg sangat menarik! love it! love it! love it!

aiming for da best point!

how to use this 'little glock' --- mr sarjan taught us =)

i'm the only female in the team =)
esok, inshaAllah aku akan turun 'battlefield' utk paintball tournament kat kolej sultan abdul hamid (my hubby ex-school). we gonna meet more than 20 team tomorow, which absolutely mmg dah terer berperang. so, praying for our best. winning few games; enough already as this is our first tournament! so TheRedBandits! Yes we can! =)

Saturday, 26 March 2011

busy apa tah?!

aiii.. awat yg rasa cam tak cukup masa ja nih? banyak sangat kejanya lately, dah tu bos lak kena pi sarawak (election), so tingai la aku officer in charge. tak suka! tak suka! keja betambah.. huhuu.. class pun tuang rini sbb tepaksa keja, assigment melambak. cam bertih panaih ja jari dok ngetuk stori td.. kalut la nak terjah sana sini.. huhu

malam nih lak ada diner media nite ngan uum, nak ponteng satgi org kata tak reti bersosial lak! maka tepaksalah pi jugak sbb benda2 camnih penting untuk contact and build rapport kan.. aduhhh si kecik tepaksa tidoq ngan nanny depa lagi la.. sian anak-anak mummy..

dalam dok kalut camnih, aku mintak satu ja, moga suma sihat walafiat n smoga Allah gives me strength n patience... penat hoo....

Sunday, 20 March 2011

TheRedBandits perang pulak!

the warrior ready to attack!
dah lama tak posting... busy sangat2 lately coz byk xtvt la... hahha.. our current xtvt ialah "berperang" ! haha...

sejak mula bergiat aktif as netballers, dapat byk pulak request utk other xtvt. baru nih depa ajak join tournament paintball pulak. so, apa lagik join ja! walaupun kami nih tangan bangku, hat lain target, hat lain kena, tp layan ja... yg penting bleh releaseee!!!

sebelum nih, dok layan boling ja, asai nak wat friendly match, mesti sukan boling ja.. buhsan dah aku, tak mencabaq langsung. pasnih kalu org ajak, nak main sukan lain lak slain boling. lg menarik what.. asyik nak dok dalam ekon ja, lemau der!!
 xtvt idup aku yg lainso far,  as a journalist = OK, as a mummy/wifey = VERY WELL, as a student = DOING GOOD... alhamdulillah everything goes smoothly and hope nothing but the best in my life! so thats it for now.. cheeerrrsss!!!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

we're in paper.. again =)

hahaaa.. very funny! as a journos, we rarely have chance to be in paper, even we're the one who knew the news first.. LOL.. thus we did this... it embarassing but yet it amusing. very funny to 'see' ourselves in our own news =D

we win! haha.. will see UUM team again and VC will send his other team to win back the title =D


By: Shuhaida Mohd Said

ALOR SETAR, Feb 28 (Bernama) -- Early invasive cervical cancer has no symptoms, according to Kedah Medical Centre Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Consultant Dr Siw Tong Seng.

Thus, Dr Siw said, investigation or examination like pap smear test should be done every one to three years, especially for those who are sexually active.

He said that one in three women develops cancer in their lifetime and 12 per cent are gynaecological.

From 1993 to 2004, there was a three per cent increase in the incidence of cancer mainly due to a rise in the post menopausal population, he said.

"Cervical cancer is second most common cancer affecting women in Malaysia after breast cancer, and an early detection is vital for survival," he told Bernama.

Cervical cancer begins in cells on the surface of the cervix and over time, it can invade more deeply into the cervix and nearby tissues, Dr Siw said.

The cervix is part of a woman's reproductive system in the pelvis. The cervix is the lower, narrow part of the uterus, or womb.

Dr Siw said that cervical cancer risk factors include human papillomavirus infection, smoking, and weakened immune system (such as Aids), sexual activity at a young age, multiple sex partners and poor personal hygiene.

"Most of my patients are between 30 and 40 but some developed country like the United States have cases involving younger women," he said.

One advice that Dr Siw gives to guard against cancer concerns food.

"Stick to a healthy diet because one third of all cancers may be related to

what we eat and drink," he said.


By: Shuhaida Mohd Said

ALOR SETAR, Feb 25 (Bernama) - Tourism activities at the Malaysia-Thailand border will take-off if Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) main campus in Sintok is made duty free zone.

UUM vice-chancellor Prof Datuk Dr Mohamed Mustafa Ishak said this would bring economic development good for the management university.

"The duty free zone will attract many top companies and international franchisers. It will give students opportunity to participate and learn how the companies are managed," he told Bernama here today.

Mustafa said UUM is willing to allocate land to companies interested to base their business at the campus covering 1,061 hectares.

"We will ensure it does not interfere with the education system and that the companies can do business comfortably. The duty free zone is the catalyst needed."

He added the duty free zone would make UUM an international management university that will attract students and scholars at home and abroad.

"Unlike other institutions of higher learning, UUM is isolated and only duty free zone will be able to attract investors.

"It will indirectly contribute to proliferation of edu-tourism as UUM has many international students."

Mustafa said the proposal for duty-free zone had been submitted to the government and the university hopes it would receive support.

Studies found that the UUM campus is suitable as duty free zone as it is close to the North-South Expressway.

Established 27 years ago, UUM has about 34,000 students from 42 countries including 3,000 foreigners.

Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin said yesterday he is not against the UUM proposal but the decision lies with the Finance Ministry.

Salam New Semester !

my first class for this semester = communication and ICT. walaupun aku masuk lambat tadi sebab keja dulu beb, tapi sempat la jugak berkenalan and sembang2 skit ngan lecturer for dat cos. well, sound interesting, tengok silibus pun cam interesting.. kena dgn jiwa uuu... tapi tatau la what will be in da next meeting kan.. hihi

my result for last semester, alhamdulillah... flying colors! haha.. perasan tul! kena keep the momentum on ler kalau nak jadik cekgu pasnih.. hehe.. inshaAllah kalu ada rezki kan. another paper i've chose for this semester is perspective of human comm.. my first class for dat cos is scheduled tomoro morning but seems like kena skip cos i've to attend some sort of meeting ngan state goverment pulok!

ada gak member cakap, ala sneak out la jap pi kelas.. aku sneak camno kalu dah keja cenggini kan. dah tu sintok tu jauh sana nun kot!! kalu aku nih kerani ka, takpala la jugak. however, i'll try my best to excel, sama cam previous semester, arap2 bleh tempuh dgn jayanya jugak, inshaAllah... well, thats all for today, cheerrrrrrssss!!!!